How to find the best van insurance for couriers?

The best way to find anything today is to begin with an online search. But a random online search will only get you information. At times, such information can be used to make a decision. At times, the information can puzzle you and might make decision making difficult. If you want to find the best van insurance for couriers, then you must take a few smart steps.

  • Run all the online searches that you want and talk to anybody you think is of relevance or has expertise in the matter. Regardless of what you do, speak with an insurance company that you have already dealt with. It is likely that you have life insurance, health insurance and car insurance. Not all insurance companies will offer courier or van insurance, but the one you deal with just might. Should it have such policies, it is your first point of contact. That is simply because you have a policy with them, you know how they work, you know if they are good or bad, you are an existing client so you will be treated well and you will have only one insurance company to deal with for multiple purposes. Most international courier companies use the same insurance provider for multiple types of insurance.

  • No matter which insurance company you deal with, always check their track record and if other courier companies have been able to get their claims accepted. Some insurance companies are notorious with their rate of accepting claims. Do not deal with any company that raises even the slightest doubt in your mind that they have a habit of denying claims in connived ways. You can read reviews, check out some firsthand feedback of companies that have had a bad experience and then you have your own judgment to count on.

  • Always opt for relevant van insurance. Two companies offering courier service to Germany may be using a completely different kind of fleet. The type of van, type of cargo and its size or weight, routes traveled and various other factors specific to a given courier business must be borne in mind while choosing an insurance policy. One standard policy may not and will not suit every international courier.

  • Finally, you must study the clauses of the insurance policy and check out the exemptions. Don’t buy any insurance that has too many exemptions when you wouldn’t be able to make any claims or your claims will be rejected.