Keeping Food Fresh

Keeping your food fresh can be a challenge, especially if you are having to produce large quantities to be put out for an event, diner or you're just catering for the lunch time rush! So give your sandwiches a visual appeal that beats cling-film and gives them protection as well as helping to lock in the freshness with sandwich packaging. Making your sandwiches easily stackable as well as transferable while displaying them and your logo most types of sandwich packaging are rigid enough that you don't have to worry about crushed bread and spilled out filling.

If you prefer to display your sandwiches in a different way for aesthetic reasons there are other options available with cardboard plates and plastic sealed wrappers to help keep food fresh and in one piece, you'll find these a brilliant idea for thicker sandwiches or artisan sandwiches. Don't forget that you can find some new ways to serve up your tortilla wraps and baguettes too, with cardboard rings to make sure your delicious contents don't overflow before your patrons have a chance to eat them. With blank faces that will easily accommodate a price, logo and contents list, you'd be silly not to start using some low cost, functional sandwich packaging!

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