Legal Free Music Downloads

There have been cases of people uploading one song to torrent sharing sites that have been sentenced to over three years in federal prison. Federal Crimes are treated differently if you are a teenager. This is because teenagers cant be tried as adults. They allow a little leeway; to avoid upsetting the general public for imprisoning a child.

Now not everybody has access to free music downloads. There are places in the world that dont have this option. Their music provider is the one that their government approves of. For example, if I lived Korea then I would have to listen to what they tell me to do. If you dont follow their rules; you may be subject to an execution squad.

In foreign countries, they may use excessive force toward people that use free music downloads. This is unacceptable in the United State. We are not subject to unusual or cruel punishment. The constitution of the United States prevents this. If you want to learn more about what kind of punishments you may receive for Free music downloads.

Many teenagers have escaped this punishment due to their age, but many adults fail to qualify for this exemption. They will not be tolerated and executed.

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