My Experience Of Holidaying In Argentina In 2014

In this short article, I am going to take the opportunity to tell you about some of the best things about my holiday to Argentina last month. Hands down the best thing about the whole holiday was the ease at which I was able to book the holiday. I visited my local travel agent and they provided me with some special travel deals for South American vacations. I opted for one of the argentina tours because I had never been to Argentina before and one of my best friends who has been told me that the country is a great place to visit. I managed to get my tour package for a drop down price and the package included flights, a hotel stay and car hire.

Once I arrived in Argentina, I spent the week exploring some of the best tourist attractions and eating out at a selection of different restaurants. I have to say that the food in Argentina was very tasty indeed. I also managed to find time to go to the Iguazu Falls and they were spectacular.

I plan to book a second vacation package to Argentina next year. I might even bring my extended family with me when I go on my second trip to the country.

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