The DVLA shows some common sense!

The DVLA and many such agencies often take some steps that are archaic and outright nonsensical. One such initiative was the terms of switch made from paper trails to online checking of license records of drivers. The DVLA had mandated that the online code would be valid for only 72 hours and third parties had to check all license records within that time. After relentless pressure from various industries including international couriers and domestic courier companies, the DVLA has increased the time span from 72 hours to 21 days.

What has been hailed as a victory of common sense raises some more questions about how DVLA functions or has been functioning till now. There was no sense in establishing a norm that compelled people to check records in just seventy two hours. It was a race against time and then there were issues when a party had to check bulk records or a large number of licenses. No one knows for certain what had propelled DVLA to have such a time span in the first place, especially when the paper trail and in-office checks took much longer anyway. The switch to a virtual platform was a welcome development and now with the expanded window, domestic and international couriers will find it easy to confirm or cross-check driver’s license records.

Companies offering courier service to USA, the UK and across Europe often have thousands of drivers and it is cumbersome for them to check orders in bulk. That is one facility that the DVLA has still not provided and industry bodies are pushing for such changes. There are many such policies that the DVLA has to work on. So while we all enjoy the victory of common sense, there are many desirable tweaks and upgrades that DVLA has to undergo.

For instance, non-GB licenses cannot be checked online right now. They have to go through the DVLA offices and there is the helpline which is only active during office hours. Many industry bodies are trying to increase the operating hours of the call center. There is also a cost to use the premium line telephone check service which industries want waived. DVLA has not said much regarding these issues and it seems a tad unlikely that there will be any desirable development in these matters.

For now, the online system has to be perfected since many parties are experiencing several glitches while checking drivers’ license records.